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:: Weekend vacation :: Date: Jan 14th @ 2:27am EST
Hi fellas. I decided to write a blog about my tomorow trip. I will go to take some rest in town near Warsaw. If someone wants to know where I'm going, feel free to ask. :) Btw that will be some nice relex for me.. I will stay at very nice hotel, quiet and romantic with great look via balcony and maybe someone come like guest but..:p
I Forgot when i was last time at spa center. For sure that was last year ;) and I think it's been more than 3 months. I really can't wait to get that relex massage and after sauna for sure.. All i want from this vacation is to relex my mind, soul and body. I will miss you all already but i will be back at monday on same time like usually.

Have a great weekend!

New year (2016),>>> new organisation Date: Jan 2nd @ 6:18am EST
Hi evrybody and again HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my fans, friends, supporters, customers and all peopel here! I Want to thanks for evrything we do in previous year and i can tell that 2015 year was good too and hope for better in 2016. Just because sombody care about me and enjoy when see me happy i can proudly say that i'm happy knowing that I am a member of a large family and organisation this big site. I want to put more effort this year in evry way to be better person than i'm.. And that meen more understanding, love and more helping other people in way i can help.. Last few months during FOTY contest i really take best of me and i'm proud knowing that i finished #2 in viewers choice category and more proud i was #1 for fleshlight category. Whatever happen during this hard work i really enjoyed. I belive in good and myself what is the most important for compete. Btw i'm not in compete at this site with models because i respect all guys here and think that i'm only compete with myself.So much good models here and also good people who enjoy when i'm happy and want to support my work in way they can, like i do too.Thank you again for evrything and i hope we will have more fun and evrything else in this new year...

Kisses and hugs, Robert
:: New changes :: Date: Nov 2nd @ 3:15am EST
:: 31 day :: Date: Oct 31st @ 2:32am EDT
Hello guys, i want to tell you that this day is the last day of my long hours of work for this month. As everyone already knows this month I worked the longest so far but I am thanks to my fans and friends who have helped me to achieve the desired success I achieved every day this month.. It was not easy to endure all the same. I decided to spend it with you, but as I know and believe that the path to any of my success that you meet,the very difficult but it is worth it. From personal experience, and that I should not talk about it, because in the end you can never get something for nothing. All in all I am very satisfied and happy that I managed to hold on and achieve what I imagined.Thanks to all who were with me, real people are recognized and that is what really appreciate it when i need support more than usual.Next month I will not be much time online but I will try to come every day as much as I can. My schedule will be changed so that all the faithful fans and friends will know when I'm here. Thanks again to everyone!

Robert S.
:: FOR YOU :: Date: Sep 29th @ 3:43am EDT
:: October GOAL! :: Date: Sep 29th @ 3:40am EDT
Fellas, I decided that next month starting from 1st to 31th of October in the enjoyment of spending with you. First of all would like to thank all those who were with me from the beginning of the year and who have given me support in every moment we spent together. What i need most of the next month is to be with me as much as you can and I'll take best of me to give you unforgettable time as I have been giving. Also I will change working hours to twice as long, which means you'll practically be with you all day the next 31 days.All those who were with me, and that this month show as most loyal to me. At the end of the month I set up a list of the best ten on my profile.Feel free to ask me whatever you want and also we can make deal because i have little suprise for all of you who were with me all these months.I believe that we will next month to spend an unforgettable time together.

Love ya, Robert!
:: Free weekend :: Date: Sep 17th @ 3:26am EDT
Well mates on Saturday will not be able to come usually as every day because I was invited to the wedding from my cousin who lives in another city. I'm very excited about the event and I'm happy for him. He is definitely a str8 man but love him so much as his wife. For many years, are in a relationship and have now decided to spend rest of their lives together. I think they are right for each other and that this will be a successful marriage and life.I hope that I will have a great time at the wedding and the club in which I decided to go. This is one of the most famous clubs in Krakow. I'll miss you my friends but I'll be back by Monday and be with you again at the same time. Have a great weekend guys!

Love ya, Robert!
:: Thanksgiving for the gift :: Date: Sep 5th @ 4:44am EDT
:: Vacation :: Date: Aug 1st @ 2:59am EDT
Hey guys!Today is my last day here because tomorrow I'm going on vacation. Soon is my birthday too and I will be in Russia on that day.I am turning 25 years old but I sincerely feel for at least 5 years younger. :)
I have to go with my family to visit cousins have not seen almost 2 years.
All year I have worked hard in the gym and school. Fifteen days ago, I graduated and I am very happy because of that Lot of my time this year was occupied with learning and gym time. When I return from vacation,I will turn to myself and to you guys because I'll have more time now. Thank you for everything you do for me.
I hope that we will enjoy together in the future. I want to add that when I come from vacation i will also change my schedule but you will be able to see on my wall. My new work plan will be a bit shorter, but I'll try to be with you at least 6 days a week. Also when i back i will put some new photos on my profile and also for lovely customers i will be able on twitter. Thanks for evrything guys. See you in ten days!

Love ya, Robert!
:: Rest day :: Date: Jul 4th @ 2:02pm EDT
Well friends, tomorrow is my day off and I want to tell you that I will go a bit to the beach to bathe and relax course of excessive work. A little time I have left to graduation and the last couple of weeks I studied hard but I still spent a lot of time with you, enjoying our show.
I'll miss you but tomorrow I have to go to a massage before you start swimming and sunbathing

I love you, Robert

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